I can?t believe it?s been 50 years since I broke intoprofessional baseball. Sometimes it
seems like I never even played. Then
again, I?ll be watching television and someone will make a great play and
they?ll say ?hey, that?s a Brooks Robinson play? and I?ll get all excited and I
think ? yeah I did use to do that!

Anyway, it?s been great. I enjoyed every minute of playing almost 23 years professionally and
then doing the television for 16 years. I couldn?t be happier with my life and the way things are going.

I vividly remember September 17th. We had finished the season at York, PA. They called me up to the majors. One of the reasons I signed with the Orioles
was because of Paul Richards. When I
signed in 1955, he told me that the O?s had just come in the league in 1954 and
he sold me on the fact that if I had some ability I?d have the chance to play
early in my career because they didn?t have a lot of good players. Here I am 18 years old and he tells me I?m
going to play 3rd base that day after being recalled from York. Not that I was suppose to – I think Kal Segrist was the third baseman and
I think he fell down in the tub the night before. All of a sudden Paul Richards
told me I was starting at third base.

I got 2 hits that day and knocked in a big run. I?m thinking ? 2 for 4 my first day and I
knocked in a big run and we beat the Senators 3-1. I got my first hit off Chuck Stobbs. I remember running back to the Southern Hotel
where I was staying. I called my Mom and
Dad: ?Guess what, I just played my first
game and got 2 hits – man this is my cup
of tea. I don?t know why I was in the
minor leagues this year.? Well I think I
went 0-18 the next 18 times at bat and struck out about 10 times. So I knew these guys were way ahead of me and
if I was going to perpetuate my stay in the big leagues, I knew it was going to
take a lot of work.

Kellia thinks that if the All Star Game is going to decide
home field advantage for the World Series then the best players should be

I agree with Kellia. If they are going to put such
importance on an All Star Game that will dictate who is going to get the home
field advantage in the World Series, I think you should pick the best
players. I do think that having home
field advantage is a big advantage since you?ll get 4 games to 3. I think home field in baseball is pretty important. I agree with you. I think the best players in the league should
be the ones that come to the game not necessarily one from each team.


  1. double_k2@msn.com

    Congratulations Brooks on your anniversary. I’m glad to get this chance to write to you. As a kid growing up in Baltimore near Memorial Stadium in the 60’s I became a huge O’s fan. My family moved to NJ in 1970 and I probably became even a bigger fan because I was always arguing with the Yankee and Met fans. But having you on the team made my side of the argument easy because no one could say anyone was better at 3rd than you. In 1980 I went to Yankee stadium with some friends and told them I was going to get your autograph from the broadcast booth. I sent a note to you via the security guard and asked for the autograph and that you say hello to my grandfather who was watching the game in BAltimore. You did, and he couldn’t believe his ears. Thanks for being a stand up guy, and never disappointing your fans on or off the field.

    Keith K.

  2. charles

    Mr. Robinson,
    As I teach my kids baseball, especially the infield, there is too much overcoaching going on in my view. Parents get a little out of hand, they forgot how bad a player they were, and although most spend countless hours at the field with their youngsters, I feel the kids get too much input and not enough batting practice or groundballs. My question regardless of different situations, if you had to pick only one thought to have before the ball is hit while you are playing defense, what would it be. And may I ask what was yours? And then I’ll tell you mine.

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