Favorite Players — Past & Present

Rolen_1Justin Townsend asked who is my favorite player to watch today.  Well Justin, I do watch 4 or 5 players all the time.  I check out the box scores every day to see how they do.  One is third baseman Scott Rolen, who I think is really a terrific player offensively and defensively.  He?s had problems staying healthy.  Derek Jeter has really caught my eye the past couple years.  What a terrific player he is along with Alex Rodriquez.  I know these guys just to say hello to, so that?s probably why I like to watch them.

My all time favorite certainly was Stan Musial, who I grew up idolizing.  I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the Cardinals played an exhibition game there in Little Rock every year.  The Cardinal games were the only games we got on radio.   Stan Musial was my all time favorite, and getting to play against him in Spring Training and the All-Star Game made that just even better.

Jyoung asked me about what type glove I use.   I signed with Rawlings when I first started playing professionally, and I used a Rawlings glove my whole career.  I used different ones throughout my career.  I didn?t like them too big or too small.  I couldn?t use a large glove, because I got the ball lost in there a couple times.  I always preferred the H web because I could pull the strings tighter to make the pocket smaller.  If you had the one-piece web, the pocket seemed to get a little deeper every game that I used it.

It?s been a busy summer filled with a lot of Minor League baseball.  Last weekend I attended a Camden (NJ) Riversharks game.  I threw out the first pitch, along with some beautiful rescue dogs from 9/11.  I can honestly say that it was the first time I ever participated in a first pitch ceremony with dogs.  It was a lot of fun.  The stadium is beautiful, and the Ben Franklin Bridge is the backdrop for centerfield.  I had a great time meeting the Minor League fans.

Next week I?m participating in the ground-breaking ceremony for the new stadium in York, PA.  The York Revolution of the Independent League will begin play there in 2007.  I began my professional career with the York White Roses in 1955.  York and their fans hold a special place in my heart.  I am thrilled that they are finally bringing baseball back to York.

You can always check out more information on www.brooksrobinson.com.  Thanks.


  1. kzgiam@yahoo.com

    Hi Brooks,
    I think you are an amazing baseball player, and it is a pretty big honor for me even being able to write to you!

    You said you enjoyed watching Scott Rolens, Derek Jeter, and A-Rod. They are very great players,a nd I love to watch them also! Jeter would probebly be my favorite one to watch out of the three.

    Well I am a pretty big Detroit Tigers’ fan, and our thrid baseman, Brandon Inge, is pretty good also. And you know how hard it is for players to get compared to you–well he got compared to you many times.

    He is constanly making great plays at thrid, and he is one of the leaders in homers for the team. Sometimes people just watch the Tigers to see him at thrid. He does not have a very high batting avg., and you had less errors then him, but if you watched him for a while you would understand why he gets compared to an awesome player like you!

    Wow! I still can’t believe I am writing to Brooks Robinson! This is amazing! I hope you give Brandon Inge a chance, and I wish you much luck with the rest of your life. God Bless,


  2. mrbigshot238@aim.com

    Hey Brooks,

    Unfortunately I was too young to ever see you play but I did a project on you in the 3rd grade and your one of my favorite players of all time. 3rd base is what I play too, and my dad tells storys on how you used to snag anything that came near you.

    I would really like to interview you for my blog (its struggling to get off the ground and I think this will help). I dont know if this is possible but I was just wondering, and it would mean alot to me. Thanks.


  3. stanlawthers@aol.com

    Dear Mr. Robinson,
    I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and wonder if you have any stories about Mr. Clemente to pass along. My first ballgame was at Forbes Field, but I was a tad young to remember much of it. I also spent four years in Towson, MD and still have alot of Orioles memorabilia lying around. Thanks for your comments on the ballplayers of today.

  4. sidmchenry@gmail.com

    Dear Mr. Robinson,

    I have a story that I think I should share with your readers.

    About 15 years ago, I was working in a baseball card shop in Huntington Beach, California. One Saturday afternoon I was busy in the back sorting cards (he High School kids had to do all the tedious work!) when a middle-aged man comes in the store and asks my co-worker for directions to the beach. I thought this was odd, as the beach was just a mile or so down the road, and most everybody knew that you could follow any road to it. I looked out the little window we had to see my co-worker giving him directions, when the manager of the store looked up and stared at the man. I saw his jaw drop and his eyes grow wide.

    That’s when you said “Hi, I’m Brooks Robinson.”

    You chatted with us for a bit and signed a ball that is still on display in the shop, and went on your way. But for the rest of the day I felt like an idiot. One of the greatest to play the game had walked into my baseball card shop, and I hadn’t recognized him.

    On that day, you helped spark within me an interest and later, a passion, for the history of this great game.

    While other sports may attempt to emulate it, baseball has a true connection with its history that cannot be duplicated in the arenas of the other American pro sports. A big part of the draw that gets people to the ballpark or tuning in on ESPN is the events and players of decades (or centuries) past. Unlike football, hockey, or basketball, baseball has a living memory that helps the fan in the stands connect with the player on the grass, and makes it possible to develop a true love for the game.

    And you helped me learn that, Brooks.

    Thank you.

  5. hagersbush@innernet.net

    I have been an oriole fan since they moved to my home state in1954 from St.Louis.

    I have been very lucky &

    have watched the Orioles or

    listened on the radio since

    the first yr of their existance in baltimore.

    I have seen all the greats

    over the yrs.& yes i watched

    the great games you played vs

    Cincinnati Reds.Visited at

    memorial stadium & camden yds.

    Like many baseball fans i

    worry over the state of the

    great game & its players.It

    will never be the same since

    steroids & beloved Hall of fame records being broken

    through cheating.

    I,m an oriole fan for life

    but I also enjoy just watching

    good players & teams everywhere play good baseball.

    I,m 73 yrs old & still get

    excited at gametime every yr.

    I,m retired so I get to watch

    the O,s most every game.It

    has been said of me that if

    the birds lose I,m a grouch.

    if they win I,m always happy.

    My favorite over the yr are

    the one & only Robinson boys

    Frank & Brooks the very best

    two orioles ever followed by

    Cal Ripken,Eddie Murray,Paul

    Blair.James Alvin Palmer

    Scotty McGregor,Mo Drabowski

    **** Hall,Tippy Martinez.

    There are dozens of players

    I think of all the time &

    perhaps the funniest one of

    all & certainly the most

    unusual John Lowenstein.

    I often wonder if players

    realize the big part they

    play in a true baseball fans


    The best possible luck to

    you & your family Brooks

    & god bless baseball.

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