Game gloves

Glove_2People always ask me how often I changed gloves during my playing days. I switched gloves about every 2 1/2 years. Once I got a glove broken in, I used it until I couldn’t anymore. My game glove was used only during the game and not in practice. At practice, I would work on breaking in a new glove for the next time I needed to switch.

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    Hi Brooksie,
    This is Bruce from Spring Grove, I wanted to say that I am just reading my morning paper, York Daily Record, and I am very HAPPY for you. I’m glad to see the additional 1.5M being addedby the state in order to make a stadium come true. I, for one, cannot think of anyone in more deservance than you to have a stadium built in your name.The stadium appears to be being built not far from my home here, and you can bet, you’ll be seeing me there. I only hope thet 5200 seats will be enough…

    Congratulations Brooks,and I sincerely think this a tribute to a GREAT MAN. Take care Brooks, and look forward to seeing you this year sometime.Bruce

  2. Kellia


    Speaking of gloves (again). I heard some broadcasters say that the first Gold Glove is the hardest to win. Once you’ve won one, you are in contention for others. What does it take to win the first Gold Glove?



    Hello Brooks
    My name is Hugo. I live in Venezuela, and would like to have your comments about our short stop and hall of famer as you, Luis Aparicio.

    Were you both close friends?

    I remember the great plays you made in a world series. I can´t remenber against what team. Was it against Reds?


    Hugo Perdomo


    Dear Mr. Robinson,
    Thank you for your kind words regarding Roberto Clemente. For Christmas I got a jersey with your name and number, an Orioles cap with the smiling bird on it and the new Clemente book. It couldn’t have been a much better day!!

    Regards, Stan

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