The glove and voter love

The Baseball As America Exhibit now moves to Detroit from March 11 through Sept. 5, and Kellia from Oakland — which is where the Exhibit last stopped — left a comment here about whether my glove that is touring in that Exhibit seemed small by today?s standards.

BrooksstatphotoI?m glad you got to see the exhibit. It?s been a huge success for the Hall of Fame. Much appreciation goes to Ernst & Young, who is a sponsor of this traveling exhibit.

My glove was an average glove. I always felt my glove was the normal size. Not too big and not too small. Most outfielders seemed to use bigger gloves than I did at 3rd base. I didn?t want a large glove because I had a hard time getting the ball out of the glove sometimes. I?ve seen a lot of gloves a lot smaller than mine including Joe Morgan?s and Mark Belanger?s. I always asked them, ?How did you catch anything in that glove?? I always used the ?H? web because you could always pull the laces tighter if it started to give some.

You can see a better view of that glove I wore in this photo if you go to my official site at and check out the authentic memorabilia, including that 16×20 signed stat photo. There is appearance/booking info on my site as well, hope you will stop by and say hi there anytime.

George Miller asked if the Hall of Fame has become too hard on the new candidates and if guys like Rice and Dawson are deserving:

First of all I do think the Baseball Hall of Fame is the toughest Hall of Fame to get into. When you have almost 500 writers voting, everyone has a different opinion as to who should and should not be inducted. It is quite controversial. Certainly Jim Rice dominated the American League for 10 years. Andre Dawson did the same thing in the National League. I?m surprised they haven?t gotten more support for the Hall of Fame. There are no set criteria for attaining the Hall of Fame – that is the reason there is so much controversy.



    I remember a **** Cole glove I had as a kid in the early 1960’s and how difficult it was to catch anything with it.
    How did the early major leaguers manage to field with the early gloves which were just five padded fingers, a small padded palm and no webbing?


    I remember my first glove was a Ted Simmons. It seemed HUGE! It worked fine in the outfield, but when I became an infielder I had to get a new glove. I also remember that first glove was “on sale” for $7.77 at Western Auto!


    hey brooks have a question what type of glove did you use manufacturer wise (rawlings..etc) through out your career.

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