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Elrod_2Kellia from Oakland, Calif., commented about seeing Elrod Hendricks.

I just wanted to say a few more words about my favorite player. He was really the heart and soul of the Orioles Organization and Community. This guy gave so much during his career. He came up n 1968 after being in Minor League Baseball for many years. He played for Earl Weaver in Puerto Rico when Earl was managing there and that?s where Earl got to know him. In 1967, Earl sent Frank Lane down to take a look at Elrod in the Mexican League and the Orioles ended up bringing him to Baltimore in 1968.

He was a wonderful guy and absolutely the most beloved Oriole of all-time. Not only in Baltimore, but everywhere we went to play, Elrod would be the first at park, the first one on the field, the first one to sign autographs and the first to pat some kid on the head. He was just a wonderful gentleman and we?re going to miss him.



    Dear Brooks,

    First, it’s wonderful to see that you are keeping a blog. I just discovered it.

    Second, I agree with everything you said about Elrod. When I was a kid, I got TWO signatures from Orioles, and one was from Elrod. He talked to me for a good five minutes. It made me feel really special. He will be missed.

    Keep up the great blog.

    -Sean Heffron, devoted O’s fan


    Elrod is in the hearts of all Os fans everywhere. I loved this guy. To me after Camden Yards got built, he sort of became a physical bridge to Memorial Stadium. Seeing him in the bullpen was sort of part of going to Camden. It’s really strange and sad not to see him in there this year. I will miss him. 😦


    Dear #5
    I am a long time Yankee fan But always an admirer of The Baltimores and of course Brooks Robinson ,One of the classiest guys in the game ……But Im here to comment on Elrod Hendricks He too was one of the nicest players of All Time We always met him at games and at Camden Yards and he never dissapointed the kids or us …. They just dont make them like that anymore He will always be in OUR Hall of Fame forever Jean and Pat Toner Roselle NJ

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