Johnny Bench and The Mick


Bruce asked if Johnny Bench had any comment to give me after I caught his line drive during the 1970 World Series. Yeah, Johnny Bench gives me a hard time every time I see him because of the 1970 World Series. At the 1971 All-Star Game, he hit a one-hop line drive to me and I lunged out and caught it and threw it to first base. Before he could get out of the batter’s box, he threw his bat in the air and I think I reminded him of the 1970 World Series. He was a great player and he certainly had his days in the World Series and throughout his career. They just converted the "1970: Year of the Birds" onto a CD. It is narrated by Chuck Thompson and Bill O?Donnell. I have some autographed copies available on my website at



Bruce also asks about the picture of me and Mickey Mantle at second base and whether he was safe or out. Really, I don’t remember. I always write "Out" when I sign it and Mickey always signed it "Safe." The umpire was Nestor Chylak — who is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. For the life of me, I don’t know if he was out or safe.




    Hi Brooks
    I was wondering about the award you are receiving in September at the 5th Regiment Army in Baltimore. What is that award for and how did you win it?

    By the way, I have one of your awards – The Miller Light Nice Guy Award. I treasure it. I couldn’t think of a more fitting award of yours to own.

    I have a whole room in my house of Brooks Memorabilia – pictures, baseball cards, baseballs etc. My office too.

    People like coming in my office and looking at all your pictues – everyone has a Brooks story. It’s fun.

    I’ve been a huge fan since I was about 8 or so. You did an appearance at Shop N Save near Towson. I didn’t leave your side the entire time and then walked you to your car. (long long time ago).

    I got to talk to you about a year ago on the phone – you happened to return a call to the Governor when he was in our building and his deputy chief of staff was kind enough to bring the phone down to say Hi to me. That was pretty aweseome.

    Thanks for everything and all the memories. Congratulations on your upcoming award.


    Dear Brooks,
    I was at game 2 of the 1970 World Series and have often wondered how the series would have changed had the play where Bernie Carbo was called out after being clearly safe. In fact he touched the plate after he came back to argue the call. The Reds pitching staff was in shambles by the the time the World Series was played due to key injuries. But it’s that play that still get’s under my skin.You were awesome in that series. But why did you have to pick on my Reds?

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