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Welcome to my blog. I am not a computer guru by any stretch of the imagination. My kids embarrassed me into getting a fax machine and cell phone last year. They tell me I have to get in the 21st Century. Okay — I’m in! People always ask me if I have a website and I can never remember the web address. But I do have one, and it’s www.brooksrobinson.com. Now how hard is that! I love talking baseball and look forward to sharing my thoughts and stories with you on my official MLBlog. I’ve always enjoyed the many fans and their thoughts and stories and I’m at a point in my life when I run into so many people that have so many stories. As the saying goes: If you have questions — after 50 years — I’ve got answers.


  1. Mark

    Mr. Robinson: It’s an honor to share blog space with you. My question concerns two of the premier third sackers in today’s game. Who’s better with the glove, Oakland’s Eric Chavez or St. Louis’s Scott Rolen? I have seen Chavez make more spectacular plays, but Rolen seems as steady as a rock. What do you think?

  2. octscotts@aol.com

    Mr. Robinson,

    I too am honored to even e-mail you. My Grandfather passed his Orioles beliefs into us and now 30 years later I’m passing the experience of O’s baseball to my kids. You were and still are in many minds the best 3rd baseman ever. Thanks for your talent and ability over the years. Hopefully, this new crop of players can bring back some of the magic we’ve been missing since you, Frank, Mark, Boog, Paul, Andy and the rest of the guys played. If I had a question, I guess it would be if you could share your thoughts on the passing of Mr. Thompson.

  3. imthedaddypapa@yahoo.com

    Mr. Robinson,
    I grew up in the Bay Area and was honored to see you play in Oakland on several occasions. I played 3B myself and always wanted to be like you. I even had a Rawlings Brooks Robinson autograph model glove. My oldest son is named Brooks…but I am sure you hear things like that a lot. I want to thank you for being such a positive role model for me and so many others. I hope that the players today can look back at the way you played the game and the dedication you showed. You inspired me to be the best I could be. Thank you!

  4. ichy51@aol.com

    Mr Robinson,it is truly an honor to be e-mailing you.You have been a hero of mine since I began following baseball when I was 6 y/o.Many a summer day was spent throwing a tennis ball against the wall of my house and diving to catch the line drive,trying to be like Brooks.I didnt get to go to my first game until my cousin bought me tickets for my 16th birthday.Unfortunately,you retired just a few days before I got to go.I am still a huge baseball fan today.The O’s are still my favorite,but I also follow several other teams as well.I play Strat o matic several times a week,play softball in 3 different leagues,and am trying to pass the game on to my sons.I attribute not getting involved in drugs & alcohol to you mostly,the game it self secondly.If Brooks didnt do it,why should I.I met you for the first time in I believe 76,at a Subway grand opening in Aberdeen.I still have a pic of you and me my mother took.She always said she thought she was gonna have to pick me up with a turkey baster,I looked so awed.Thank you for letting me ramble.Finding your blog brought back floods of memories,just wanted to share with you.Hope this e mail is finding you and your family well.Thanks again. Kenny from Aberdeen

  5. deucecoupe67@aol.com

    Hello Brooks,I am in hopes that you will remember me, Im your #1 fan from here in SpringGrove PA. It was and will always be a favorite memory for me the day you were at Best Chevrolet and I walked up with my 3 ft. bobblehead( little brooks) as you named it for me, and you carried him outside to get a really nice pic with me, infront of that blue corvette.I think I gave you a copy of that picture.I had gotten so many comments on that day for that bobble, i believe it was the talk of the entire line awaiting to see you.Best of all,was the time to be able to chat with you after the crowd had gone. You are one of few celebraties that will take the time and have a meaningful chat with regular folks. I find myself truly thankful for getting to meet, chat, and now write to my undisputed all time favorite ballplayer.In closing, I want to say that SpringGrove will certainly not be the same anymore without your visits you made up here you see us, and would like to ask if there will be any plans now that Best is gone that you may consider visiting us at some other location here in our town.Thanks for all the memories. Bruce B.

  6. russ@bigbeachhouse.com

    Hi Brooks. Just a note to let you know what a difference you made. I was 12 and after a game on 33rd St, you came out, got in your car (a maroon Buick, I think, does that sound right?), rolled down the window, and signed autographs until everybody had one. That was 40+ years ago, but the thought of it still makes me feel like a little kid in awe of his hero. Thanks for always taking the time to do that for the kids!

  7. kesqueenfan39@aol.com

    Hello Brooks! I am a 40-something life-long O’s fan living in Lynchburg, VA originally from York, PA. I just wanted to say–THANK YOU! As a youngster growing up and playing baseball, you and the rest of the vintage O’s helped me get through many a summer by watching as many O’s games as possible on TV. On the day following the game my friends and I would get together at the park and discuss the game–the great plays, the not-so-great plays, the homers, etc. My dad took me to several games a year at Memorial Stadium to see you play and you often hit a home run in those games and I would tell my dad that somehow you knew I was there watching. I have had the opportunity to meet you for an autograph several times in York and once in Lynchburg several years ago when you came to a minor league game here and you kindly autographed a copy of your book “Third Base Is My Home”, which I received as a gift from my parents when I was a boy. Thank you for always being a fan favorite and a true professional! You were certainly a positive influence in many young men’s lives. I look forward to seeing you again sometime soon!

  8. alby_albert@yahoo.com

    Opening Day, 1977, Memorial Field, seated on the first base side, the announcement, #5 Brooks Robinson…we stood and cheered for like 20 minutes or at least it seemed like it. Tears flowed from my eyes, having the opportunity to watch you play. I played third base because you did, until I blew out my arm and had to go to second. It never stopped me from playing the position with passion and never giving up on a ball. Thank You.


    Albert Stormes

    North Vernon, IN

  9. compnybiz@aol.com

    Brooksie, I’ve lived in Savannah, Georgia for the past 22 years, but my 8 years in Baltimore in the mid-late 1950’s was when you were the new kid on the Orioles. I’m coaching two men’s baseball teams (MABL and MSBL) and wear your number. My wife wouldn’t let me name one of my three sons after you (because I have that last name)! I saw you at Memorial Stadium many times, but I think you played in a softball game against the Maryland State penitentiary guards, maybe around 1958-59. I was there with my Dad. I’ve had your signature glove and pictures in my office for years. You have truly been a great inspiration for me, and for some of my ballplayers. I love ya! Stay the way you’ve always been. You’re the best.

    Thom Brooks

    Brooks Insurance School

    Savannah, Georgia

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