Celebrating a 50th anniversary

It’s hard to believe that it has been 50 years since the Orioles drafted me.

I’ll neveBrooksrangingr forget graduating from Little Rock Central High School and then taking my first plane ride to Baltimore on graduation night. This was a dream come true. I never wanted to do anything but become a professional baseball player. As a youngster, I tagged along behind my Dad, who was a semi-pro player. He really encouraged me to play. He never pushed me but I just loved the game. In fact, I did not play high school football because I did not want to risk getting hurt. I ran track just to keep in shape for baseball.

I had some big decisions to make because I had several offers to play college basketball — one from the University of Arkansas. I decided to go ahead and play professional baseball, and this season marks my 50th anniversary of when it all began.


  1. Tommy

    Welcome to the Blog world. It’s good to hear from you, and I hope the readers get as much enjoyment from your stories as I do.

    Tommy Lasorda

  2. eliassptsbureau@yahoo.com

    I believe it Brooks, mainly because I can’t believe it was over a decade ago that I interviewed you for a local newspaper in Port Charlotte, Florida.

    It was fantasy camp and I have a great shot of you pitching from that event.

    Even better, someone I didn’t even know took pictures of me interviewing you in the stands, blew them up to 8×10 colors and sent them to the paper I worked for me.

    You just bring out the best in people!

    I will always, Always, ALWAYS remember you of one of the nicest people (let alone athletes, let alone stars!, let alone Hall of famers!! that I ever had the pleasure.)

    Enjoy your blogging!

  3. rtmudrinich@msn.com

    Mr. Robinson:

    I am a long-time fan of Major League Baseball, especially the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nonetheless, it was a great joy to watch you play; you made the hot-corner look cool. Today, I present to you Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) – a yard safety super hero. About a year ago, I had a lawn mower accident that resulted in the partial amputation of my left foot. Consequently, I have been an advocate and promoter of yard safety, with the goal to prevent these outdoor power equipment accidents from happening to other people. Furthermore, I have been a renaissance yardman, utilizing various art forms to communicate my safety message. I have approached Major League Baseball about the possibility of dedicating one day of the MLB season as Yard Safety Awareness Day. Each, there are about 400,000 individuals who experience lawn mower and garden-tool-related accidents, often times resulting in severe and life-altering outcomes. Since baseball is America’s pastime and often played on natural turf, I ask for any assistance that you may provide to facilitate this humanitarian idea. Please visit the Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man (sm) website at http://www.rescuerick.com for additional information. Thank you for your BLOG. With your BLOG, I am able to share my idea and rescue millions from outdoor power equipment accidents. Best wishes!

    Richard Mudrinich

    Rescue Rick the Grass Cut Man

  4. Adam

    I’m too young to remember seeing you play, but my dad talks about you all the time. I’m here at the University of Arkansas now, so I’m not sure if I’m disappointed in your decision. (wink)

    I’m glad you achieved your dream, and you helped carve a dream for millions.

  5. dvoiles@gmail.com

    I was called “Brookes Robinson” in Bambino or Little League becasue you couldn’t get a ball past me! I was into Chris Sabo at the time but my Dad and coaches and everyone else that age called me ” Brooks Robinson”. It was a few years after that I started reading about your accomplishments and I was amazed. Thank you. You were truly an inspiration to many people who love the game of baseball especially third basemans.

  6. niteowl049@msn.com

    I recently finished reading a book in which you wrote about your experiences about playing major league baseball called We Played the Game and wanted to thank you for sharing what it was like to play baseball back in those days. To me you and Cal Ripken Jr. are the best role models of any Orioles players that have played the game.

  7. dgator97@aol.com

    To this day, you set the standard of what a professional athlete’s demeanor should be on and off the field. My dad was a close friend of yours and I thank the good Lord that I followed you as my idol growing up. When are you coming back to the Orlando area?

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