Rafael Palmeiro

What a tremendous feat! Only three otherPalmeiro_1 players in the history of the game achieved 3,000 hits and 500 home runs: Eddie Murray, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays. To accomplish this, you need to have consistency, hard work, determination and good health. Raffy did it! Certainly, he will be in the Hall of Fame. I like the way he goes about his work — no publicity, quiet and unassuming.  This has got to be the quietest accomplishment I’ve ever seen. He really started to come on strong as the O’s progressed during the season. Congratulations!


Raffy has been consistently provided power with hits for whomever asks him throughtout his entire career. He has been maybe the most consistent player in the league during his tenure. I think he is one of the greatest overall left handed hitters.

hello brooks, this is your friend Bruce from Spring Grove PA.. I’m glad to see you’re doing well with your mlblog. I did have couple of questions I was wondering about. First I was wondering if Johnny Bench had any comment to give to you after you caught his slammin line drive during the world series, and secondly, I recently purchased a plaque of you and Mickey Mantle called… “SAFE OR OUT”, and I am wondering , was Mantle safe or was he out. It says on the plaque… “you make the call”. Wanted to know what the ruling was on this play, and are you in agreement with the actual call.Look forward to hearing from again Brooks, it is always a pleasure.
Your friend Always.. Bruce

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