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To Maysw: Thanks for your comment here asking me about my days on Channel 2 with Scott Garceau and Chuck Thompson and wishing I were around more.Boogpowell_1

Well, I am around most of the time. I’m always going to a golf tournament or doing something. I follow the Birds mostly on TV. I get to about four or five games a year down at Camden Yards. I see Boog and **** Hall a lot and I’ll see Palmer next month at the Hall of Fame. Since I play in a lot of golf tournaments, I see Paul Blair and Al Bumbry and a few of the other guys I played with.

We all miss Chuck. He was the greatest. He helped me immensely during my broadcast years. When you worked with the best it made you better. He was the greatest. Scott is still broadcasting games and I run into him now and then.

Thinking about gloves

John posted that he and his family recently saw my glove from the 1970 World Series at a Baseball As America Exhibit.

John, you’ll have to agree that it’s a great exhibit. This tour is Exhibit_1 sponsored by Ernst &Young. It has been great for the Baseball Hall Of Fame. It started as a 10-city tour and they’ve decided to add 2 more cities. I’ve been at the grand opening for 2 or 3 of them. It’s been great for baseball. If you are a fan of the game, you’ll enjoy the exhibit. It’s been a very popular exhibit all around the country.

John also asked about "being in the zone" when it comes to fielding and asked me if that was the case during the 1970 World Series. You do hear a lot of talk about being in the zone, especially when it comes to hitting. But then again, defense always gets overlooked in every sport.

To be in a zone when it comes to fielding, a lot of things have to come into play. You might play a whole series and not get a ball hit to you. But going into that series Mark Belanger and I knew we Perez would get a lot of work on that side. The Reds had righties like Lee May, Johnny Bench, and Tony Perez. We had two lefties, Mike Cuellar and Dave McNally. Palmer had a great fastball and threw a change and a slow curve ball.

The thing no one remembers about that series is that the first ball hit to me was a 24 hopper by Woody Woodard. I made a high throw to Boog for an error. I’m thinking?. here I go again! After that it was like I was in the zone. I had the plays and made them. The more you make the more you want the ball come to you. In that particular World Series, every game I had an opportunity to make and outstanding play. I played almost 23 years of professional baseball and I don’t think I ever had 5 games in a row like that. It was a once in a 5 game series and it just happened to be the World Series.

Earl’s probably out golfing

Michael posted a comment about the last game in Memorial Stadium and asked me about my good friend Earl Weaver. Michael, I think the ceremony Weaver_earl_3_1 marking the last game at Memorial Stadium was one of the greatest days in Baltimore history. I get more comments about that day then any other. To see the greats go out on the field — the guys who contributed to the history of the Orioles — I had a tear in my eye, too. When they played the "Field of Dreams" music, it was like Icing on the Cake.

I see Earl four or five times a year. He’s mellowed. All he’s worried about now is breaking 90 on the golf course. I’ll see him in Cooperstown and at the All-Star Game in Detroit. We get to chat a lot. He is doing great. He lives in Florida and still has a daughter here in Baltimore so he gets up here from time to time.

What I’m up to

I’ll be heading to Detroit later this week for the All-Star Game. I’ll be spending some time with my son and daughter-in-law who live in Detroit. My wife is from there so we’ll be seeing a lot of family.

The last time DHank_1etroit hosted the All-Star Game was in 1971. There were 20 guys off those two teams plus two managers that went into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. I don’t know if that’s a record but it has to be close. After the All Star Game, I’ll head to Charlotte, NC to throw out the first pitch at a Charlotte Knights baseball game then I’m off to Myrtle Beach to visit my son and daughter-in-law and do a corporate appearance for the folks at Kraft Nabisco. You can always log onto my website at to check out unique auction items and upcoming appearances. I’m looking forward to blogging again soon.



    Hey Brooks! I’m from L.A. and I can’t get enough of fans talking about you and the Baltimore Orioles from 1966 and 1970. You know, at Dodger Stadium, you still left you mark out there in the pavilions where you launched that homer in the 1966 fall classic along with Frank Robinson. I still see world series film of you, and nothing gets me more than 3rd basemen defense. You did it all Brooksie! Hey, if you were to email me back (which I dont know) please tell me about your experiences in hitting at Dodger Stadium and your first world series in 1966. I mean, Dodger Stadium is a pitchers ballpark, but would LOVE to hear feedback from your opinion about that place! Thank you Brooksie!! And in the words of Curt Gowdy, your defense (in the ’70 WS) is “Illegal!”



    First of all, thank you for taking the time to answer these questions and comments using this forum. It’s a real treat for an avid baseball fan like myself.

    With the All-Star game approaching, I was wondering if you could share with us some fond memories that you have of that particular event. I realize that the AL wasn’t very successful during the years that you played in the game, but it must have been a real treat to be on the field with all that talent – many of whom are now with you in the hall of fame.



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